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2013 St. Louis Fall Tournament, November 15th-17th


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New Schedule and Membership

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MoBC is based in St. Louis, Missouri and is registered with USA Badminton and the Midwest Badminton Association.  This club is dedicated to providing badminton players with the opportunity to play competitive games and improve their skills through organized drills. 


MoBC was founded by a group of badminton enthusiasts whose common goals was to work toward elevating their games through training and skill development.  In the collaborative atmosphere of the club, individual weaknesses can be identified and customized drills prescribed to improve each player’s skill level.  Then, through intensive game play, players can learn to incorporate their new skills and develop court strategy. …..


We are currently in the process of expanding the club and are inviting players of all levels to join.  We would like to open the club up to recreational players, and at the same time, we will continue to emphasize training and drilling for those players who are interested.  We hope this larger club will have something for everyone and will serve to bring together players from all over the area for fun and challenging games!